Tracking FESCO Online Complaint by FESCO Complaint Number

FESCO Online Complaint is assigned a Complaint Number when they are filed using which they can be tracked online, and their status can be checked.

Instead of having to fill out an actual physical form for any of these tasks, you can now fill an online application form and submit it to the authorities from your laptop/mobile without having to go to the required office. Once your complaint is registered, you will be provided with a FESCO Complaint number, using which you can track your FESCO online complaint and check its status.

FESCO Online Complaint and FESCO Complaint Number

If you want to file your complaint online, you need to press on the Button given below:



How to file a FESCO Online Complaint

You need to follow the steps given below to file an online complaint:

  • Click on the Button given above
  • After you click on the Button, an E-Form will appear. You must fill all the * marked fields as they are mandatory. The Rest are optional.
    • Among the Mandatory fields, you must:
    • First, Enter your Name in the topmost field.
    • After entering your name, Enter your Address.
    • Next, select your country and your city.
    • Then, Enter your Cell Phone and CNIC Number
    • Lastly, you must select an agency and an agency sub-office
  • If you want to attach any document, you can attach it by clicking on the *Choose File* button.
  • Then you must read the affidavit and then check the *I Do Affirm the Affidavit* checkbox if you do solemnly affirm the mentioned points.
  • Lastly, after entering the security code, you must click on *Send* to register your complaint.

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  1. A.o.a sir..
    Mera meter old Hy..jab k Meri request Hy .k plz app Mera meter new digital issues kr k LGA Dy.. Electricity bill apni limit say bi bht zaida a RHA dfa March ka bill man reading wly boxes neat Hy..jab k status man (EST-RST) k meaning Hy???
    Plz favourable action..
    Muhammad Khan
    S/o Sher Muhammad
    Jaswal.. district khushab..
    Meter no..01859
    Reference no..

  2. AOA sir
    Muhammad Rashid s/o Muhammad Boota Maher Block No 2 Faisalabad
    REFERENCE NO : 13131281300700 U
    Sir yaa bill ghalti saa mara see pay ho gaa haa Bill Amount = 5944 / , please is kaa koi contact noumber dan


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