K Electric Duplicate Bill – Check and Pay Online 2022

The Online K Electric Duplicate Bill can be downloaded and printed from our website easily in few steps.

K Electric Duplicate Bill of Feb 2022

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This is a private organization responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of Electricity in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi. It is vertically integrated and supplies Electric Power to approximately 22 million people all over Karachi.

Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan, and it is an economic hub. Any power shortage in Karachi results in a major setback for the whole of Pakistan. K Electric acknowledges the pressure and the huge responsibility and strives to ensure the all-time availability of the highest quality Electric Power to the whole of Karachi.

It has set up nearly 30 Customer Care Centers all over Karachi to ensure the provision of instant Customer Service to its consumers.

The Bills can now be check and paid online. This article will tell you how to check k electric Duplicate Bills Online and pay them Online.

Bills are dropped at the doorsteps of the residents of Karachi at the start of each month. The residents have to pay for the KE Electric Supply each month using this bill before the due date.

But apart from the physical copy of the bill, you can now also view a Duplicate Copy of the K Electric Online. The k electric Duplicate bill Copy is important if you lose the physical copy of your bill, tear it by mistake, or fails even to receive it.

Previously, to access the duplicate copy of your bill, you were required to visit the nearest customer service center and wait in line for hours. But now K electric has undertaken certain initiatives to make everything easier for its customers.

Get to Know your K Electric Bill

You need to understand your K Electric Electricity Bill. On the front side of your Bill, at the top left corner, is the K Electric Logo, and beneath the logo are customer details such as the name and address of the customer.

Beneath the customer details is the Consumer Category and Tariff, then beneath these is the average monthly temperature of the current month, the last month, and the same month last year. Then beneath these, the following things appear in a line: Comparative analysis of Consumption, 13-month consumption pattern, the past 6 months billing and payment history, and bill payment channels.

Similarly, on the right side of the bill, from top to bottom, the following categories appear in a line: All channels of communication provided within one designated space, QR Code for Important Information, Bar Code for Internal Use, Late Payment Surcharge via a positive messaging, Personalized message box, and Ad Space for K Electric related information.

On the backside of your Bill, you will find information about: Bill Details, Charges, Breakup of Government and Bank charges of the current bill, important guidelines for customers, Customer information that is secondary in nature, Reconciliation statement from previous to the current amount payable.

K Electric Online Bill Payment

You can now pay your Bills Online.

The Complete List of Banks that provide Internet Banking and Mobile Banking for K Electric Bills’ online payment can be accessed using this link.

K Electric Tenders

In June 2020, K Electric implemented E-Procurement (ARIBA). All the registered vendors were already sent emails. K Electric announced that starting from June 2020; it will only share RFQ/Tender with the E-Procurement (ARIBA) registered vendors. If anyone wants further details, they can visit the Procurement Department, Block ‘J’, 1st Floor, Procurement Division, Elander Road (Power House) Complex, Karachi.

To access K Electric Tenders


K Electric withholding Tax Certificate

You can request a withholding Tax Certificate from K Electric by filling out and submitting the Tax indemnity form. To download the “Tax Indemnity Form”


K Electric Staff

K Electric supports a performance-driven culture at its organization and focuses on its staff’s professional and personal development. The Board of Directors at K Electric constitute of extremely successful and talented individuals.

Shan A. Ashary is the chairman of K Electric, while Syed Moonis Alvi serves as the CEO.

For accessing the entire list of the Board of Directors, visit this https://www.ke.com.pk/investor-relation/board-of-directors/.

Experienced Professionals at K Electric, such as the Deputy General Manager, share their wonderful experience at K Electric and what it has taught them. You can read about their experience here https://www.ke.com.pk/our-people/your-career-at-k-electric/experienced-professionals/

Latest K Electric News

You can also access the different editions of their external electronic newsletter using this link https://www.ke.com.pk/media-center/ke-azm-external-newsletter/.

The external newsletter covers all the major updates and events for the month. This newsletter’s main objective is to inform Karachi residents about the recent developments and communicate to them the Energy Sector and K Electric related issues.

How to check K Electric Meter Reading

It is essential to learn how to read your Electric Meter. There are two types of meters. One is Mechanical Meter, and the other is a Digital or Static Meter.

To read the mechanical meter correctly, read the digits on the meter from the left to read and ignore the last digit on the right. To correctly read the Digital or Static Meter, read the digits from left to right and ignore it after the decimal point. Furthermore, some electronic meters have a button. If you find any difficulty or issue, you can check K electric complaint Number.

You can use this button for cycling through the digits on display. You can check out how K Electric smart meters look like.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

Q: How many Grid Stations does K Electric have?

A: As of 30th June 2018, it has a total of 64 Grid Stations.

Q: What are bill installments?

A: As per the company policy, bill installments are allowed to help out those customers who either have an excellent amount in arrears or are defaulters.

Q: What is K Electric Ramadan Timing for Load Shedding?

A: You can access the entire Load Shedding Schedule using this link https://www.ke.com.pk/load-shed-schedule/

Q: What are the latest status of K Electric Shares and the price forecast of these shares?

A: You can access all the information about this company Shares using this link https://pkfinance.info/kse/stock/kel

Q: At what point did the Abraaj Group take charge of K Electric?

A: It was in 2009 that new management that The Abraaj Group led took charge.

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  1. I have received Jan bill of total 170 Units Rs.1361.76 but due to arrear my bill is Rs,5,575.because of arrear and a new charges of Rs.2000/- towards reconnection charges also added.

    I fail to understand why this reconnection charges because I am paying bill and arrear instalments regularly.

  2. this is for your kind information that i have got bill 2021 Jan, bill amount is 42,000, even we have got only 3 fans one water motor 6 savers and one iron, please let me know about excess bill, even though who are electric thief they are not given excess bill, no justification in this country, i am not satisfied with your dull system.

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