K Electric New Connection 2022 – Apply Now Online

You can apply for a K Electric New Connection Online. Users can now download and submit the K Electric New Connection Form online.


K Electric has made it extremely easy for its customers to apply for a new connection. Customers can now apply for New Connection Online without stepping out of their homes. Also, they can even pay for the new connection online. K Electric has greatly reduced the total time spent applying for a new connection after making some recent changes.


Many features and information are now being provided online to make the entire process much more convenient. The new connection form can be downloaded free of charge from the KE Official Website. https://www.ke.com.pk/
K Electric has made applying for a new connection and a new meter much more convenient and easier than before. Now, the new connection form is easier to complete and only requires a single undertaking. Customers are constantly informed about their case status through push notifications. An Easy Payment Facility is now available for the initial payment of new connections.

How to apply for a K Electric New Connection Online

Previously, the customers had to go to the customer service center to get the new connection forms. The people who didn’t have any transport faced many difficulties to reach the customer service center. Then, people had to wait in a queue for hours for their turn. The entire process was very long, tiring, and took a lot of effort and energy. K Electric introduced the online procedure to help out its consumers. Consumers can now download the forms online. They don’t have to visit the customer service center directly. They can even submit the documents online.
You can apply for a new connection online using this link https://www.ke.com.pk/customer-services/new-connections/new-connection-form/.

The link will take you to the online application form. You need to fill this form to apply for a new connection.

You need to now pay after submitting the application form and all the required documents. To find out how much you need to pay for a new connection or find out the new meter charges, you can use the New Connection Cost Calculator.

You can access the new connection cost calculator using this link.



K Electric will issue you an ID after you make the initial payment for your new connection. You can also track the case status of your new connection using the case ID. But this facility is only for scheme cases currently.

To track the case status of your new connection.



You can also view the load assessment criteria. To access the Load Assessment Criteria Document.



You can submit the initial payment of the new connection from K Electric in various banks such as Askari Bank Limited, Bank Al-Habib Limited, Habib Bank Limited, etc. To view the complete list of banks, visit Payment Options. Also, you calculate your charges with the help of the K electric bill calculator.


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